When you think of coastal North Carolina the descriptive words “Winter Wonderland” are not exactly what comes to mind. This past Saturday though that is exactly what we woke up too. Jack Frost had deemed us worthy of more than just our average forecast of a light dusting. The entire landscape looked like something out of a Jan Brett book.

I was so enthralled with everything that I was driving my darlin’ surfer crazy waiting for the sun to come up so thatΒ  could go out and take some photos. Just to give you an idea of how enthralled I was, I had to down load my memory card not once but twice. I will spare ya’ll and not post all 2000 photos that I joyously, ecstatically and giggling like a child snapped. All the while, parading around the neighborhood in my pj’s. Sorry mom, I couldn’t help myself.

I may have to do more than one post about our snow day but I promise to try and keep it to a minimum. Well my definition of what minimum means that is. How about I post snow day pictures when they tease us with snow forecasts that never come to be. That would allow me to make believe that we had six inches of snow again. Six inches may seem tiny and infinitesimal to some of you all out there, but not for us poor pitiful beach dwellers who pray and pray and pray and…you get my point, for snow glorious snow.

Look at my old oak trees and spanish moss… “Quiet Majesty” is what comes to mind.

Here are never before seen lands to be discovered and explored. All you need to do is be brave while crossing the arctic waters surrounding the entrance. What wonders beckon you beyond those white icy mounds? What mysteries hide behind those curtains of snow covered branches?

Our courageous adventures’ are off to explore the frozen forest and to find out what treasures lay hidden in it’s beautiful slumbering depths.

Early morning glee over an amazing rarity in his young life. Snow on his home turf. Live it up Monkey Two! Savor every precious moment and revel in it’s glory. It is not often that I can capture my quiet, unassuming, youngest love expressing such exuberance for me purposely. He is changing though as he grows older.

Monkey One is my big ham as you may have noticed in the Winner’s post from previously, but I had to put this photo in today. It’s serenity and peace allows me a glimpse of his ever developing maturity. For you see my oldest child, even though he is a big goof ball like his mother, has a very old soul indeed.

That is all that I have for today. We are having a slight router issue here at the house and all of my photos are unfortunately on my laptop which of course will not log on. I had to hurry and down load what I could while I was up in town today. The good news is that the new router just arrived. My darlin’ surfer will be more than happy to have everything fixed and back in working order ASAP. Not because he is annal retentive in any way. Nah, my love is not like that at all. Cough, mmm-hmmm.The man has mad organizational skills that I wish I had been born with. Too bad they haven’t rubbed off on me in the past 14 years.

His main reason for a speedy IT job tonight would be get me off ofΒ  his personally designed computer that he built just for gaming. I of course have had to use it to check my emails and such. He has been overjoyed with having to share his computer with me. I am a computer hog though I will admit it…poor baby. It’s a good thing that the part came in. That man of mine will be doing the happy dance for sure. He will be the TICKLED one in the family tonight. Please excuse any typos, spelling mishaps or grammatical errors. My surfer is antsy to get back on his computer and solve the IT problems.

I am sorry that I took over your computer darlin’. I promise to make it up to you with…ummm, a cheesecake. Yeah a cheesecake! Will that work for you? One chocolate mint cheesecake coming right up. Just for you my darlin’, wet suit wearing, IT master, doting dad of our monkeys, puter-upper with my kookiness and love of my life surfer.

Enjoy these wintry photo’s everyone. There will definitely be more to come. I can’t leave out the snowball fights and forts πŸ™‚ The monkeys would never forgive me.

Tickled Red