Usually I am joking around about what is happening with my monkeys and my surfer. Today though I thought that I would be a little more reserved about them. Why? Because today is Valentine’s Day. While everyone else has been rushing around town in order to get their roses and chocolates, I have been reflecting about what makes me the happiest, on this day all about love. I am a simple woman with simple pleasures. It does not take much to make me smile. I only need a few precious things today to know that I am loved. What I need most are my three guys.

Tonight we will have a special dinner and dessert together at home. Then we will do my favorite thing ever. Family Pile-Up. We will put in a movie and snuggle up in a big group pile. I love being in the middle ofย  a Mom Sand-which. That TICKLES me the most. I also love the simple but precious ways that they shower me with love. I thought that I would share a few with you.

1.This book.

It is tattered and worn. The pages are nearly falling out but I love this book. Not only because it is one of my favorite stories, I love this book because my darling surfer knows that I love books. He always buys me a book on special occasions, even though he knows that he will lose me for a couple of days. I am typically consumed until I have finished the one that I am reading.

I love this book because his loved reached me there as well. In that distant faraway land of make believe he quietly joined me. I will keep this book forever, along with the rose that he picked for me one day. Random touches of love for no other reason than to make someone smile. Those happen to mean the most to me.

2. Love Notes.

They are their fatherโ€™s sons. My monkeys will leave me love notes on a whim. Some where I can see them easily. Others where I will sometimes need to follow a map. I adore my love notes. Even if they do need to work on their penmanship and spelling.

3. Our rings.

My love gave me my Claddagh for Valentineโ€™s Day 14 years ago. Soon after I bought him his Celtic Knot. We have worn them ever since. In case you do not know the meaning of the Claddagh I will tell you. The hands are for friendship, they hold the heart which represents love and the crown is the symbol of everlasting loyalty. Simple yet perfect.

Having these guys around with their sweet tokens of love who would need anything else. I am so very grateful for them everyday…no joke ๐Ÿ™‚ ( Please excuse my PJ’s, but the snow was calling)

From my family to yours. We wish you all a fantastic, simply wonderful Valentine’s Day with all of your family, friends and loved ones. Thank you for bringing a bright spot to all of my days.


Tickled Red