Before we get started with the winners I had to share this with you. WE GOT SNOW!! Not a little bit of snow but about 4-5 inches of snow. Yipee!! We have been outside since 6am playing because of course by 2pm today most of it had melted. I will have more on our snow day for you tomorrow. Can you guess which monkeys are mine out of this bunch?

This little photo contest was an absolute blast! The best part for me was  the privilege of being able to see these photos from your point of view. It is always amazing to me how we can look at the same thing and yet come up with entirely different ideas. It just goes to remind you that if we were all the same life would be utterly boring. All of you who played had great answers, I truly enjoyed reading them.

Winners’- Congratulations!!

Preemie Mom-4 correct

Quirky Red-3 correct

Here are the nature objects. I hope that you get a laugh from finding out what they actually are.

ONE-Coral or Sea Sponge (either works)

TWO-Coral (I pilfered this one on a trip to Puerto Rico)

THREE-Coral or Sea Sponge (Coral again? I live by the beach so I mostly have objects from the ocean lying around my house. Amazing how the light changed this one 🙂 )

FOUR-Sand Dollar (This was the one that everyone knew)

FIVE-Seed Pods on my tropical plant.( Say a prayer for it though. The snow may have been too much for it 😦 )

SIX- Pumpkin (What’s left of the Jack-O-Lantern. I know YUCK!, but this one TICKLED me the most. Being the oldest sibling is what makes me mess with you guys from time to time. We always put these in the garden and then have loads of seedlings in the summer)

SEVEN- Spanish Moss (This ones close up photo is my favorite )

EIGHT-Sea Shell (All weather beaten but I love it)

Thank you all for playing. Your candles will be arriving soon 🙂

Tickled Red