Update: The players’ answers’ are posted and I got a big kick out of what some of the guesses were. I will let you all know who the winners are by 5pm EST tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed, it looks like we might get snow 🙂

I have been fiddling around today with one of the toys that I received for Christmas ,which is my new digital camera. Up until this week I have been living off of the “Auto” setting because in all honesty I need a manual for my manual. I am a visual learner you see. When it comes to all of the things that fall under the category of technology I either need someone to actually show me the ropes, muddle through it on my own, or my personal favorite,” Oh honey, could you come here please”. That surfer of mine is such a good IT guy.

I have been playing around specifically with the AV and  Super Micro setting. Which as I have discovered are fast becoming a couple of my favorite features. Don’t ask me to explain what they do because I have no idea yet. I basically turned the knob this way and that, changed the numbers up a few times and said ” Neat, gimme something else to take a picture of “. Let  me stress that I am not a photographer. AT ALL. I am not even a novice. I am a point… click… did that come out clear?…good enough for me…kind of  girl.  Although there is something to be said for the feeling of accomplishment when a picture does come out right. Maybe even one or two qualifies for a “NICE JOB!” every once in a while.

As you all know, I also like to drag you all along on my adventures of new discoveries, only this time I have a prize at the end for you. Don’t you just love me?

Below are some of my test pictures of objects in nature. There are eight in total. They are not good photos so don’t laugh. Okay… go ahead and laugh but they were fun to take and TICKLED me at least.

Here is the contest. “What Is It?”. Pretty self explanatory right? I think so. Check out the eight photos below and tell me what you think they might be. Two of ya’ll will win a Soy Nice candle from Re-Eco. They are my absolute favorite candles. Not only do they smell fabulous (Gardenia, Lemon Verbena, White Tea, Raspberry Truffle, Lavender & Pear Glace) and are made from soy, but they come in a variety of beautiful depression glass that you can reuse.

The first two people to guess all eight correctly or with the highest number out of eight guessed correctly will win. I will pick the winners by the most accurate answers as well go by the time clock that is on the computer to see when the answers came in. Also the more specific the answer the better. I love specifics 🙂  You guys will have until this Friday at 5pm EST. PS- I am hiding the comments until the end. No spoilers for those of you needing a helpful hint.

While you all are having fun with this I am going to be working on a new cheesecake recipe that has been plaguing me, well two to be exact.

The winners will be announced on Saturday at 6pm EST. You may not have the candle in time for Valentine’s Day to help set the mood but you will have the bragging rights. Even better. Okay ready…set…go! Good Luck.









Tickled Red