Good news the Ga Ga’s have passed. That is until the next time he walks by in a wetsuit 🙂 . I am positively absolutely  focused on pineapple. I promise. Aren’t ya’ll happy? You don’t have to listen to me waxing poetic about my darlin’ surfer… for the time being.  Since my Ga Ga condition interrupted my plans before, I have changed the way I originally planned to present my project and recipe for you all. Instead of showing you the recipe first I am going to start with my gardening project.

Gardening project? Pineapple? Again no, I have not lost my mind. I like to try different things is all. So I am going to plant a pineapple. Yes, a pineapple just like the ones you buy in the grocery store. It is extremely simple and is, well to put it simply, neat in my opinion. My step mom Sherry has planted one. Also since my local grocery store had their pineapples BOGO, I am finally going to try and plant one of my own. Fortunately you all get to tag along for my little gardening experiment.

Planting a Pineapple

1. Cut the top off of your pineapple.

2. Place the top in a dish of water for three days in a well lit window. Then plant it in your favorite pot. If you do not see any root sprouts yet don’t worry. Go ahead and plant the top in a pot with some really good potting soil.

3. In 24 months sounds better than two years 🙂 it will look like this.

Once your pineapple has been planted please make sure that you do not over water it. The plant likes to be watered about twice a week straight down the middle. The dirt should be damp or moist… not saturated. This is an indoor plant. If you do put it outside this summer be sure it is an area where it will not get rained on.

In another 12 months (three years total) you will have an actual pineapple 🙂 Neat isn’t it. The thought of growing my own pineapple TICKLES me. I love to grow my own food.

Now what am I supposed to do with all of this?

I guess you will have to stay tuned for Adventures with Pineapple: Part Two-??

Sorry,I couldn’t help but tease you all just this once. I will give you another hint since you already know that it is a recipe.

Hint: Sweet

While you all are waiting with baited breathe for my recipe (as I know ya’ll are) go ahead and plant a pineapple. As for all of you terrified brown thumbs out there don’t be scared. This might be just the plant for you. You can forget this guy for a week and be perfectly fine. All you need is a window with good light, good dirt, and very little water…how could you go wrong. Be adventurous plant a pineapple. If you do keep me posted, I would love to hear about how it is going for you.

Part Two coming very soon…

Tickled Red