I haven’t forgotten you guys, I promise. I decided to take a small blogging break and enjoy a long lazy weekend with my three guys. We watched movies, lounged around the house, went to a birthday party at the skating rink and most especially avoided the cold weather. Basically we lolly gagged the entire weekend  🙂

My poor thin southern blood is crying out for warm weather already. Fortunately there are only 46 days until the first day of spring, 61 days until Easter and my very favorite 139 days until the first day of summer.

I have a few posts that I am working on for you guys but until they are done here are some images that I am fond of. They are all in the spirit of humor, summer and love since it is February and I am craving summer days. Of course I had to throw a redhead in there as much a possible.That is not easy with beach images. Everyone knows redheads and sun do not mix well.

This one is the epitome of my family‘s view on life…this one TICKLES me the most.


She may not be a redhead but the heels and exuberance make up for it.

Sooner rather than later…

Fun as a couple is always the best especially since I need all the help that I can get. “Please honey can you paddle me out one more time? I would do it but my arms hurt & I am so tired after three times of paddling out all by my little ole’ self.”

A  glimpse of me out on the town… see what my poor darlin’ surfer has

to put up with.

Always remember your sunscreen…

Ahhh! I am so scared of the big, ugly, giant green…?Are those cooked greens? Where’s the vinegar and hot sauce, dinner’s on ya’ll!!

Yep, I lured my surfer in with tuna salads and witty banter, unlike this willowy siren. I would pay good money though to see my surfer in a pair of shorts like this guy has on 🙂 HaHaHa By the way what’s with the pool boy?

It did end like this for us though…so all is perfect. Valentines Day, only 13 days away and counting.

I hope that these made you smile or giggle.

Adventures with Pineapple coming soon so check back.

Tickled Red