It is the last day of our snowboarding trip. The monkeys, my darlin’ surfer and my little brother are out getting some last runs in while I enjoy the warmth of the lounge and some rich chocolaty cocoa.

While I wait for them I thought that I would share some head gear with you that TICKLED me on this trip.  I wish that I could have captured them all for you.

Lets start with this guy…antlers. I think they work well for him.

The Play Doh Heads are real and snowboarding in Virginina 🙂

Ummm the Tommy Bahama hat had me a little puzzled but who am I to ask why?

Matching fuzzy top hats make me smile.

Rasta man was not to be denied a weekend of snow either.

This guy was feeling patriotic.

This was one of my favorites. Bendaroo’s for your head.

I can’t leave out my Court Jester. This one calls to the theater girl still inside me.

And last but not least the ever popular Nordic.

So I am curious what would be your head gear of choice?

Let’s take a poll with all of you out there and see which one of these will come out as the number one choice.

May the best hat win.

Tickled Red