Some how I lost this post, so I am starting over from scratch, which means I am about to talk your ear off. Darn red head can’t run a blog some days 🙂 I had put this post up the other night at midnight. If you have already read it, I apologize for the repeat. As I waited for my darlin’ surfer to come back from a fun filled bonfire birthday party for Matt (the fellas love to whoop it up around a fire), I of course played online visiting some of my favorite blogs and watched the late night news.

Haiti! It was heart wrenching. I have always told my surfer that I am so glad that we do not live in CA due to the earthquakes. I would much rather live on the east coast with my hurricanes. Why? Because you can see a hurricane coming. You have time to pack and get your family to safety, I know, I have done it many times. An earthquake takes your life and rips it apart with no warning in a matter of minutes. I honestly can not imagine what they are going through in Haiti right now. Unfortunately it is going to get worse before it gets better.

Monkey One’s school is trying to raise money “Every Dollar Counts” to send to the Red Cross. So I felt the need to pass along the message. If you have not donated yet please take the time this weekend to research a charity. On one of my favorite blogs The Pioneer Woman she posted about Charity Navigator . They rate charities and aid organizations according to their efficiency and fiscal responsibility, and keep you updated on fraudulent organizations. Thanks to the Pioneer Woman for putting this information out there and the donations that she put together, it was amazing.

If you do not feel comfortable with that you can also research locally. There are so many schools and churches in every community putting together aid to send to Haiti. They are taking not only monetary donations but food and clothing as well. Remember every little bit helps, $1 dollar goes a long way and no amount of charity is ever too small or unwanted.

Thanks so much y’all for letting me post on our (yours & mine) little, TICKLED, humorous blog about a subject that is not the norm. This was too big of an issue for me not to ask for our community to help in any way that we could. If you have already donated…high five 🙂

Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

Tickled Red