Have you ever been around a troop of monkeys? No? If you had you would know it for sure. Your stomach muscles would hurt from all of the laughter and your neck would be sore from shaking it in utter disbelief at the antics that they come up with. They are the best free entertainment you could ever possibly find.

A couple of friends and I took our monkeys out for an afternoon of fun and much needed exercise. Especially since our southern sensibilities have been in shock from the unusual arctic weather we have had so far. Maybe 45 for you is evidence of warm weather around the corner and that things are looking up. For us it means pull out the electric blanket, take a couple hot baths, never poke your nose out from under the covers, go into full retreat mode.

Where is the best place to go with five boys on a cold, frigid winters day you ask? The bouncy gym of course. What better way to run those cooped up monkeys ragged! They were beyond ecstatic seeing as how they had the place all to themselves for the most part. It was an afternoon full of boundless energy.

They had a blast sliding…

Yipe! Stray foot, duck!


Hey Miss TR, you don’t look right!?! Why are you upside down?

You’re one hilarious monkey head…Ha Ha.

My monkey likes to flip at warp speed! WHOOSH!

Of course they had to have a game of  Zombie Tag. Ummm…don’t ask me, it’s evidently a new name for tag. Nothing else seems to have changed. There was not an arms out stretched, moaning, slow walking “Zombie You’re It” guy. I suppose if you were to play the game that way you would never catch these guys?

Run baby, run! You can catch them!

Of course boys will be boys, so wrestling was bound to happen.

I don’t know about your monkey but when mine needs a break from all of his gleeful running around he lies back to contemplate life…

Wow! I hope you’re not thinking of filling those shoes little man!

Look at these sweet boys. They truly are darlin’ and TICKLE me beyond words.

Now don’t let those angelic faces fool you for one minute…they are indeed fool of  shenanigans!

They just can’t help themselves 🙂 !!

I had the best time with you monkeys’ ! Let’s do it again soon.

Tickled Red