*Morning update: The temperature is 40, that’s warmer than it has been all week. Neither experiment was successful. We only have rain…didn’t see that one coming at all 🙂 *

Now if you wish to talk TICKLED, you need to be a kid growing up on the south east coast. I don’t mean for the very obvious reasons such as living near the glorious Atlantic ocean catching waves and playing at the beach all summer. Nor do I mean lovely warm days with cool summer breezes, lazily letting the day go by, in a hammock strung under an old oak tree dripping in Spanish moss. Those are some of the very best reasons to love growing up here but there is one other that ranks high up on the list. Although this one is bitter sweet.

We hardly ever…and I mean ever, get any snow worth talking about. We can get two inches and the entire town shuts down. No I am not exaggerating or pulling your leg. Why wouldn’t we shut down? We don’t have snowplows or chains on our tires in the south. I know, I know it’s only a tiny little bit you say. Trust me I feel you, I get it. I will even give you one better. As of today, right this very minute we have zero snow anywhere near us, and we have a two hour delay with all of our neighboring counties for every school in the morning. You heard me right. We have a chance of some precipitation tonight that might cause some flurries and maybe some ice on a bridge or two.

The monkeys are ecstatic! All coastal kids are doing a happy dance right now and giving a high five to all of their buds. Stay up late and sleep in, for no reason? We love being coastal kids. Yipee!! You know though, if we actually did get some accumulation of snow it would make their entire year. I kinda feel bad for them. Everyone is holding their breath and hoping that there will be even the tiniest fraction of something to ohhh and ahhh over when they wake up in the morning. They best that the monkeys can hope for is that the cup of water they set outside along with a water filled balloon, will be frozen enough for them to squeal with excitement over a successful “science” experiment. Awww… that’s just pitiful. You know I will taking pictures of those to post for you guys 🙂

Although I have lived here for 26 years I spent the first 10 years growing up in the Appalachian Mountains. As my family would say, “We get snow in deem dare hills.” In case you haven’t figured it out yet I am a country girl masquerading as a city girl 🙂

I can still remember the very first dusting of snow that first year we moved to the coast. I was so excited, as any 10 year old would be. No school, planning snowball fights with the neighborhood kids, snow cream (silly delusional country girl) and a snowman of course. Now as all good mountain born and raised mothers know you wait to go out on a snow day until it warms up a bit.

8:00 am

Mom? Can I go play in the snow?

No honey it needs to warm up some first.


Mom? Can I go out now?

Darlin’ you need to wait a little longer okay.

Ooookaayy 😦


Mom! Can I go out and play please?! Some of the other kids are.

Honey it is too cold right now. The snow isn’t going anywhere and…

but Mom…

And you need to stop…

But MOM…

Stop asking me! You can go out when I say you can.

BUT MOM! It’s MELTING!! There is none left on the driveway!

HUNH! What?! You’re kidding me! Oh, wow that’s not like home…okay, sorry baby hurry up and get your coat on.

Mmmhmmm…coastal winters. They are in and out like a flash. I bet we are one of the few places right now saying if it’s this cold just go ahead and snow. That’s because we know it won’t be here for long if it does. When/if it ever does snow we celebrate likes it the fourth of July.

So to all of you out there living in places where you have enough snow to make a snowman, snow cream, build an igloo, have hills to sled down and most especially glorious powder to go snowboarding in…you are envied tonight on the coast.

Enjoy the snow,

Tickled Red