Okay, before you go believing that I have lost my mind or that I have a massive ego, let me stress that I do not believe Oprah is in any way, shape or fashion reading my little blog. I have a plan for someone close to me.

That being said let me explain the title. One of my dear friends has a dream. She dreams of making her mouth watering pies for Oprah. She dreams of being on Oprah before the queen of all talk shows relinquishes her throne.  She deserves for her dream to have a chance.  I very much want to see her dream come true, especially before she moves very far away from me, to start an even bigger life long desire of having her own homestead.

My friend the Pie Mistress. We have known each other for 14 years. I meet her through my darlin’ surfer. He and her husband Rich have been friends for years. Pie Mistress and I had an immediate connection and it wasn’t only the fact that we are both feisty red heads…which of course didn’t hurt 🙂 It is that we both crave a simpler time and lifestyle.  She and I would be happy living on a farm in the 1700’s. Seeing as how time travel is not an option… I would get into so much trouble if it was, we have both tried in our own unique way to have as much of a simple life as we can.  She is closer to fulfilling that lifestyle than I am. Even though I will miss her like crazy when she moves, I am ecstatic that she is so close to achieving what is her soul’s desire.

Pie Mistress has her own business, home schools her three daughters, writes, raises chickens, makes her own bread, sews adorable tutus, bakes fantastic pies and loves her husband madly. She is one dynamic lady and never stops moving. I honestly do not know how she does it all. I wish that I was as organized as she is to be able to accomplish all of the tasks that she  does. Her determination is a sight to behold, may some of it rub off on me in my new found free time.

Pie Mistress is wise as well. She is always keeping me up to speed on politics and some really great organic tips. She also has had some interesting dreams about me over the years. Her first dream was that of my being pregnant with Monkey One. Of course it came true and I am so very blessed that it did.  Her second dream was that I would write something. That dream I didn’t take nearly as serious as the first. I am not the  writer in the family, my mother is. Even though I am writing a blog I still believe that my Mom is the writer, not me. Although technically, again her dream came true, and I am so glad that it did. Keep dreaming good things for me Pie Mistress, I am always TICKLED with the outcome.

Recently Pie Mistress’s darlin’ husband Rich took her pies to a Christmas party. Of course they were a hit, but the neat part of the story is that someone at the party has a daughter who works for…have you guessed? Aww come on, it’s so obvious. That’s right the queen herself.  You are probably asking yourself  right about now ” Then why the plea out into cyberspace? She has a possibility already”.  I believe that you should always hedge your bets, even though I never  gamble. You should always do all that you possibly can. Just one shot in the dark is not enough.

So on the extremely remote, absurd chance that an intern, for a secretary, of an assistant associate, to a producer, for Ms. Oprah Winfrey might stumble upon this post I had to write about Pie Mistress and her dream. You never, ever know what may happen. The daughter of the co-worker might mention this southern girl making delicious pies and that hard working, blog scouring intern might just chime in about how they saw a post about a similar story and BAM! Just like that my girl is on Oprah living out her dream. It could happen. It could. Really! Hello-0-0-0. Is there an echo?

Alright now you pessimists, stop shaking your heads and laughing.

Here is my plan.  I am going to ask a favor from all of you. Please click on this post. Have your friends, family and co-workers click on this post. The more people that do, the greater the possibility that someone might find it.

Let’s  make 2010 the year to take chances and the possibility for dreams to come true. Even if  we are not sure that we can take the chance for ourselves at first, we can always get a head start by helping someone else.

Keep dreaming & keep smiling.

Tickled Red