Let me just say, if you have not read some of my earlier posts, that I love my three guys more than lazy Sundays, coffee, expensive cheese, artisan bread, nature or Irish breezes. I love all of those things with a near obsessive quality, but my three guys are my sun, moon and stars.

That being said, sometimes I wonder if they get me. Our crazy hectic life is filled to the brim with activities that are mostly enjoyed by someone with testosterone. It is full of surfboards, sand, wet towels, soccer cleats, smelly socks, drying wet suits, video games and zombie movies. You have no idea the smell that permeates your bathroom from a wetsuit. I’ll take twelve loads of smelly soccer socks any old day over a wetsuit hanging in the shower.

Our conversations revolve around similar subjects for the most part. It’s not like they ever think about all of those girlie things that I do, they are guys ya know. I should hope that they don’t. They never wonder about fashion and heaven forbid they ever say “Hey mom I think those Christian Louboutin Mary Jane’s would look fab on you!”. Shoot, I am lucky if I can get the monkeys to change their shirt every couple of days. Neither do they dream of menus all the live long day like me. Not a one of them comes running in requesting Chicken Athena, Crab Cakes or even chicken nuggets. Nope, I am always getting the same response to that age old question “What would you like for dinner?”. You know the one that I am talking about. The infamous “Whatever, you feel like making” response. How often do you get that? It makes me growl on occasion.

There are times that I get the answer to my question. Sometimes the answer is no. Times like… “Honey, why am I moving the hutch? What does flow have to do with it?” or “Mom it doesn’t matter if we look nice all the time…do I have to wear a collard shirt today?”. Those are the type of responses I usually get when the answer is no, that they don’t get me. There are times of course that they do. Those are the days when I realize that I am so very happy I live in a testosterone filled world,that I am surround by three guys. Each of those times are so very precious and meaningful to my heart.

When Monkey Two comes up, sniffs my neck and says “You smell good Mom”. Awww…that just TICKLES me. When Monkey One comes to me and tells me all about his day, I know that they get me. It’s the little things that let you know. Even when you think that they are not paying attention, they are and will let you know in subtle and surprising little ways.

Yesterday was one of those times for me. I’ll be honest with you, as much as I have been staying optimistic and holding my chin up high through being out of work, there have been a couple of blue moments…it’s only normal. Tickled Red, other than my three guys, is now one of my joys. Baking my Tickled Red cheesecakes, goodies, thinking of new recipes, crafting and blogging has reawakened my creative side. My guys have seen this, they have noticed… and for Christmas they surprised me. Their surprise was so thoughtful that it brought tears of pure joy.

I had asked for new oven mitts. They were not supposed to get me anything else. They never listen to me…and I am so very glad this once. My three amazing guys surprised me with a Kitchen Aid Mixer . My three testosterone driven guys, who had no idea how I dreamed and longed for a Kitchen Aid Mixer, had instinctively picked out the perfect present that defines me and the possible directional change that I have been leaning toward. I just sat there with tears of joy, looking past my beautiful white mixer, to those three guys…my surfer and our two monkeys. Bless them, they get me πŸ™‚ It’s not the mixer that I love, but their sweet, generous, intuitive hearts. They are mine, I claim them.

To make it even more sweet and perfect, when my surfer found out that the mixer came in red, he was bummed. He did not realize and now wishes that he had gotten one in red for, of course, Tickled Red. Awww…I love that sweet man. So I will probably come home one day to find it has a Tickled Red engraving or sticker on it. In case you didn’t know, surfers LOVE their stickers.

I hope that you have many, many times where the ones you love get you as well.

Baking & mixing here I come!

Tickled Red