I am a complete ninny. I have been enjoying myself so much in the kitchen that I have let time escape me. Did you know that Christmas Eve is in four days!! I knew it was soon but WOW! I know, I know… I am a big dork. I had this nice easy Sunday planned lazying around the house working on recipes, watching movies and wrapping presents. Oh… wait a minute, you need presents in order to wrap. Duh!

I had spent last night getting the first part of a recipe worked on. Now it will just have to wait until this evening. I am going to be spending my day stuck amid crazed, desperate, shoppers. No lounging in my pj’s’ today 😦 I will be dashing through the crowds, looking for those last minute gifts that I let slide. I am so not TICKLED for once.

The moral of this post is “Don’t wait, get er done”. If you are like me, and left your brain somewhere other than in your skull this week, I will see you out there. If you were smart and have your Christmas all bought, wrapped beautifully under your tree, and are sitting back sipping your coffee in your pj’s reading this… thumbs up, high five to you. You get the Christmas Good Girl/Guy award.

I am off to go shopping. I will be posting that half finished dessert recipe later on tonight…it will be finished of course. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Tickled Red