Can you possibly guess as to what I have on the brain today? You guessed it BOOKS.  If you couldn’t guess, than my little clue must be horrible and I apologize. Now if you want to know something that does more than TICKLE me, I mean the axis shifts in my planetary orbit, it is reading books. Well okay, not shifts, just quakes some. Only my surfer shifts the planetary axis.

I love books in any size, shape or form. Digital, paper, papyrus you name it. Except on audio, I am still working on that. I have an issue with one voice for all parts, especially gender roles, it cracks me up. “Hello my name is Todd Smith” says the extremely high pitched, feminine (faking a baritone) southern bell voice; “Would you care to join me for a drink”. Yep, giggles galore when that comes across the speakers while I am driving. All I can picture is Jessica Simpson dressed up like George Clooney, hittin’ on someone. It is just too funny.

Okay, some of you might be running and screaming from my little blog right now. Thinking that I am crazy for  going on like this about books. There is a point to all of this though.

Monkey One and I joined a book club at his school for parents and their children. He loves book like his Mom and Monkey Two is well on his way to being an avid reader also.  Can I just dance for joy right now…okay sorry, back on topic. Last night was our last meeting before Christmas break. With everyone talking about what they wanted to read during the holidays and how much shopping they have not gotten done, I thought that I would list some good books. This way you will have an idea for a book to get that person you know who is a freak like me. The monkeys wanted to list their choices as well.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with to many. I am listing one that we have read and one that we want to try per category. I hope that these intrigue you and get you pumped to visit Barnes & Noble, especially right now with their free shipping and member rates for non-members 🙂 Go out and get a book during the holidays, not just for someones gift, but for your self as well.

Monkey One’ s suggestions for Young Teens

This was one of our book club selections and it surprised me. I did not believe that either of us would enjoy this book but we did immensely. Hunger Games takes place in the future where natural disasters have changed the scope of our country entirely. It is no longer the USA but a place called Panem and the controlling government requires the outlying districts to choose 24 children to compete in the Hunger Games. Including sixteen year old Katniss. Only one will survive.  I will not spoil it for you. I will just say this, we were so riveted that we have already read the second book and are awaiting installment three due out 8-2010. Being an over protective mother the only issues that I had with the book were, a slight mention of nakedness. This was done tastefully and in appropriate context or I would have pulled the plug immediately. As well as a little bit of kissing, but this gave us an opportunity for some good discussions. Great read!! Four Tickles

Stormbreaker is the first book in the Alex Rider series. The teacher hosting our book club mentioned this series as a possibility for the spring meetings. Alex Rider is about the first fourteen-year-old MI6 agent. He has to become an agent when his uncle is assassinated. Alex is forced to take over a case involving a suspicious computer baron who has donated thousands of his newest, top-secret modules to British schools. I am curious to see if this will be a topic that my monkey enjoys.

April 2010: As of today Monkey One has not read this book. It was not chosen yet for his book club. I will keep you posted.

Monkey Two’s suggestions for Ages 6-8

This Franny K. Stein series is Monkey One’s absolute favorite. He gets the biggest kick out of Franny’s sarcastic, mad scientist sense of humor and her crazy inventions. Although he especially likes her dog Igor. This is an excellent series for the budding avid reader who can grasp a wicked sense of humor. We are nearly done with the series. My monkey loves it. Four Tickles

The My Weird School series is one that my little monkey has expressed an interest in. I look forward to reading it with him and seeing what the main character gets into. Seeing as how on the first day of second grade, A.J. introduces himself to his new teacher and announces that he likes football and video games but hates school. This should really open up the lines of communication about school and how we view it 🙂

April 2010: As of today Monkey Two has read nearly every book in the series. He is loving it 🙂

My Suggestions

For the history buffs…

When King George was discussing the prospect of having to go to war with the colonies he said that it would only take ” A Few Bloody Noses”. How little he knew. This book about the revolutionary War is not what you might be imagining. It is from the British perspective. It is a comparison of our history during those times and how the events were also perceived across the pond during the war. I always believe in getting both sides. A good book, but a bit dry in places. Three Tickles

Okay, the picture speaks for itself. No I am not a horror fan, nor am I a fan of  zombies. My surfer likes all of the zombie movies, I only like the funny ones. I am intrigued by this book though. I love Pride and Prejudice, and I am curious as to how Elizabeth and Darcy can fall in love if they are battling not only themselves, but zombies as well? Especially period zombies. I am going to have to give it a try, wish me luck. I can guarantee you though that I will be rereading the original when I am done. In order to put Elizabeth and Darcy back into their proper perspective of course.

April 2010: As of today I tried to read this book. Not to say that it is not a wonderful book and that you will not love it but it was not for me. I didn’t mind the zombies so much as the liberties taken in changing the characters in the families. I guess that I am to much of a purest when it comes to Pride and Prejudice. Give it a try and let me know if you like it. I hope that you do.

Thank you for letting me babble on about my love for books. I do hope that if you or whom ever you might get them for, read any of the books listed, that you will share what you think. Including the ones we have not gotten to yet. I would even love to hear about your own book suggestions.

Good luck shopping.

Tickled Red