Thanks to Robert I now have a name for my little treasures…e~corks. Seeing as how they are eco- friendly  and recycled.  Thank you so much Robert and everyone else who sent across their name ideas. There will be more little contests in the future I promise 🙂

I also have some good news, you can now find Tickled Red’s e~corks at Crabby Chic one of my favorite local boutiques with fabulous  decor, art, furniture and gifts for the coastal home. e~corks will be coming soon to Re’ a new local treasure in and of itself, with handmade goods such as wool scarves, painted furniture, soy candles, fabric covered scrapbooks and tee’s. I promise to tell you more about them soon.

Have a wonderful evening I have to go be creative. New posts to think of, sweets to bake, art projects to contemplate and contests to dream up.  🙂

Tickled Red