Cork It! I am sure that this phrase has you wondering. Who needs to cork it? What needs a cork? What does she mean? Is this another funny story about the monkeys? Isn’t this lady supposed to be talking about what TICKLES her? Did the surfer tell his lovely, hyper, over talkative, loud, beautiful redhead to Cork It!? Not a chance. Though on occasion he does say very discretely ” Hon, you’re talking a bit to much?”.

So Cork It! What does it mean? This is actually a little craft project that I have been doing. I have had a blast with these and I truly want to keep them all for myself, in a basket with shells as darlin’ little treasures.

Mmmm Hmmm, my surfer will not be going for that, I already have plenty of shells strewn around the house. Fortunately for him these will be moving on. I am working on a home for them and when it is done I will update you. In the meantime here are my Cork Treasures? Tickled Treasures? Wine Knobs? Tickled Knobs? Oh I give up, I can’t think of a good name. Maybe some of you can help me out? I might even make a contest out of it šŸ™‚ Best liked name wins a prize…a custom little treasure for a Christmas gift.Ā  Deadline Friday at 5pm. How about it?

They are antique drawer pulls/ knobs. So there are only two or three (sometimes just one) of the same design at the most. I am also working on some modern pulls/knobs as well, for those of you that like a more sleek, modern,urban look in your decorating. I hope that you like them. IĀ  do šŸ™‚

My little wine cork treasures…they so need a good name.

Antique Aqua glass knob with star fish (Swarovski crystals)

Antique Lions Head pull.

Antique Cherub pull. I am working on a white distressed one.

Antique Urn filigree pull.

Antique Scallop Shell pull. I am working on a sea blue one.

Barley Twist Ring pull. This one is new, but went so well with this group.

Antique Terracotta distressed metal knob. Heavy!

Have fun coming up with a name everyone. I am off to do some more art projects. šŸ™‚

Tickled Red