I apologize for not posting this yesterday, but we always wait to get our Christmas tree until after Monkey One has celebrated his birthday.  Then it is officially time to “Deck the Halls”, which is what we have been doing, and what we are still doing.

In the meantime here it is as I promised.  A weekend full of Boys, Boys, Boys…and one big sister 🙂 It was fantastic, really…I am not being sarcastic! I swear! Honest!

Have you ever been in a condo with six ecstatic, rambunctious, hyped up, hungry boys and one teenage girl with the pizza delivery guy two hours late? Mayhem will ensue I promise you. Wrestling, blob monsters, and games of chase are only a few of the creative diversions they came up with to stave off the ravenous hunger that they had built up playing at the water park. Our poor neighbors below were probably thinking elephants had moved in up above. You should have seen the master bedroom when they got done with it. Wait a minute! Water park!? It’s December!? Has this woman lost her mind taking those poor children to a freezing water park!?

Now remember y’all, we’re in the south and the weather is a few degrees warmer here. Our cold weather is 60 not 39. Jeez, 39 itself is  just down right frigid and unbearable unless there is snow along with it, which we hardly ever get. Just so you know teaching the four seasons to a coastal southern child can be tricky. The phrase “Our seasons are not like the ones in the books you read darlin’. “,  must be repeated each year until it sinks in.  Somewhere around 2nd or 3rd grade. Still, water parks in December?

Monkey One and his good buddy Alex were born only two days apart, so from time to time they decide to have a joint birthday. Now Alex’s mom/mum (my little clue as to where they are from) is just absolutely brilliant when it comes to planning an event and finding the most amazing destinations in which to go.

Angie came up with the plan to drive down to Myrtle Beach, SC. She found this place www.dunesvillage.com they have an indoor water park complete with slides and a lazy river. Yep, that’s right you heard me indoor. Gotcha! I am not crazy or deranged. It is the perfect place for winter birthdays. Check out the link.

Angie absolutely made the boys weekend with this find. So with our family of four, their family of four and three good school buddies along for the fun, off we went.

Five twelve year old boys, one seven year old boy and a thirteen year old big sis made for some hilarious moments. Charlotte, Alex’s big sis, spent the majority of her time doing this of course…

Run Jessie run! Wait, what am I saying, swim Jessie swim!

and this…

Even out numbered four to one she dominated 🙂 Go Girl Power! Poor Monkey, even on his birthday he gets tortured. Can you see how miserable he is? 🙂

The lazy river was a blast, especially around the corners…it gave my monkeys a chance to keep those monkey climbing skills honed to peak performance.

Look at their clinging ability, poor Alex was swept away.

Oh no Wes, Alex is coming for you, get away fast. Find something, anything to defend yourself…

Ha, elephant hose! Perfect, watch out guys Wes is armed now.

Do you know why Jessie looks a little befuddled in this photo? Because he can’t quite believe his eyes. Yes, that is Alex and Charlotte displaying some sibling love. It is so rare that even poor Jessie had to take a second look. Nah, I jest…those two are great kids. I don’t know of any other 13 year old girl that would have hung out with those bunch of boys, and would actually say that they had as much fun as she did.

The monkey fish popped his head up just long enough for a quick shot. Hey monkey, your goggles match the water? Neat.

Another monkey fish sighting. He stays submerged 99.9% of the time. That’s   one of my water babies for you. The other one you can hardly ever catch a glimpse of never mind a photo.

Okay, see the big, tall, orange, long, wavy tube to the right. This slide was the one all of the boys just loved! Well…not two of them. Wes and my Monkey One, yes the oldest, did not. His exact words, ” I felt like I was going to hurl”. So what does any nurturing, loving, caring, mother do after her little man tells her this. Well she hugs him of course, pats him on the head and sends him off to do the easy slide.

Wait I forgot, she also begs him while he is at the top of the stairs to go just one more time and bribes him with a photo op. See she knows that he is a photo hogging, glory hound… “UH-UH, NO! No way Mom!”

Never again! I hope you got your photo because I am not going back on that thing.” Ha! I just love knowing them inside and out. Please lord let me keep that edge for just a few more years, if not 20.

And last but not least a gaggle of boys enjoying birthday presents, cards and hamming it up. I just love these guys. They finally settled down to sleep around 12:45 am, and were up again at 6:30 am rearing to go. The dads, my surfer and Neal, were awesome at hanging in there with them. It takes testosterone to keep up with testosterone ya know.

It was a great weekend of Boys, Boys, Boys! I would not trade the experience for anything. They just TICKLED me so much with all of their boundless joy and energy. Thank you Angie, Neal, Alex, Charlotte and boys for the memories, see you next year!

Now I am off the fix the Christmas tree. My darlin’ Monkey Two was drawn to the right side of the tree this year with his ornament placement and the poor tree is about to topple over from the weight. Talk to you soon.

Tickled Red