Since this is a blog about my love of the simple things in life I have to say that coming home from a trip tops the list. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t enjoy going places, hangin’ out with friends and laughin’ it up with the monkeys. I actually love those almost equally, but there is nothing like coming home.

You know the feeling that I am talking about where you walk in and every single molecule in your body just sighssssssss. You kick off your shoes, put up your heels and chill. Sink into the sofa or chair and let your body turn into jello. That is if you were smart enough to do the dishes before you left, or the laundry, or any of the other nine million chores that needed to be done before you skipped town. If not you get to clean…uck! Which one do you think was me, smart or slack? Can you guess? I’ll give you a hint…I am TICKLED.

Ha! I was a smart girl this time. So when we walked in the door from an overnight trip to Myrtle Beach to celebrate two young boys twelfth birthdays with buddies, respective parents and loving siblings, all I had to do was…NADA, ZIP, ZERO.

Home…snuggie clothes…bed (with feather comforter a must)…beverage :)…blog. In that exact order my friends.

So I am going to snuggle down into my “down”, enjoy my Black & Tan (I’ll save the pino noir for another evening) and write about our fun filled weekend of Boys, Boys, Boys tomorrow, when my fingers are no longer leaving little jello puddles all over my laptop. My surfer is not going to like those puddles. Sorry honey, I’ll clean them right up I promise…right after the snuggling down part.

Stay tuned.

Tickled Red