Today is a reflective day for me. Today I said goodbye to a job that I have enjoyed immensely for nearly ten years. Although it was sad and bizarre to say the least, I did stay positive. I remembered the old adage “One door closes, and another one opens”. So hope abounds for me yet. Since I am reflective today and I focus on what is important to me in my life, I thought that I would share just a few personal reasons for my continued happiness. These are by no means all, but some important ones. In the meantime, new adventures await, creativity is starting to flow again,  I look forward to the future and I am curious in what wonderful new ways will it TICKLE me next. Looks like Tickled Red~ Decadent Desserts are a start and Shared Delights Creative Catering  🙂

One: My wonderful monkeys

Two: My Surfer

Three: Mom & Dad

Four: My two amazing sisters

Five: My dear brother

Six: Friends who hold me together always

Seven: Life’s outstanding wonders…that keep me grounded

So I am off to discover those new adventures, hope to see you along the way.


Tickled Red