While some were out braving the mass mobs of “Gotta have it”, “Hey that was mine first”, and “What do you mean you sold the last one!”, I sat at home with the monkeys. Now I know some of you are wondering what monkeys? This woman has monkeys? Yep I do have monkeys, cute, cuddly, not stop acrobatic, jabbering monkey heads.

Instead of Thing One and Thing Two, can you tell that I am a HUGE  fan of Dr. Seuss?, I have Monkey One and Monkey Two. Now why on earth would I call my children monkeys you ask?  Trust me they themselves have asked. Of course I pat them on the head and say ” Mothers prerogative guys “.  As for you I will elaborate a little. They are boys… enough said. No? Okay, if any of you have boys, brothers or even grew up with a boy cousin you will know what I am talking about. They are a whole different breed.

They not only swing from trees but from the top deck to the bottom deck of three story houses. They don’t just roll fruit around to each other but they also roll their unsuspecting sisters or little girl cousins as the pretend fruit. They play with their food like monkeys, chatter incessantly like monkeys. You know what, rather than tell you about monkey business, I will just show you.

Monkeys climb trees. At least Monkey Two was smart enough to wear his protective gear.

On a beach surrounded by water do monkeys surf, swim or build sand forts? Nope they do wheelies. Yep that is Monkey One.

Monkeys swing from perfectly good coat hangers. Just a note, he did not do this to himself, his loving father did (biggest monkey of all) but he LOVED it. To darn cute my little monkey head.

Now for monkeys playing with food. Monkey Two loves to put food on Monkey One. You see it’s all about male dominance. He has to show Monkey One he is just as big and strong.

So Monkey Two is caught here getting ready to put drippy, sticky, watermelon in Monkey One’s hair…notice the eye of fear from Monkey One at the bottom of the picture.

Now in this lovely collage from the Volcom Cooterfish Contest of 2008 you can see where not only did Monkey Two get to put food on Monkey One, he had Monkey One’s permission, since they were going for prizes. Only Monkey One did not take into consideration Monkey Two’s deadly aim. Ha, that will teach him. I get so TICKLED when I look at this 🙂

As for the flying monkey & fire engine children, they belong to someone else.

Now you might be saying to your self where is the picture of the monkey swinging from the third story balcony? That was my little brother, and I only have my Mom’s half panicked story on that one. How about pictures of tossing the little girl cousins you ask? Well now you can’t actually take pictures of yourself flying through the air at age 7, when your cousins use you as their football.

Go ahead and laugh, it’s okay, I’ll give you a minute…whistling…fiddling with nails…making coffee…alright now, it’s not that funny.  Moving on.

So you see I have very valid reasons for calling them monkeys. Just so you know though it’s never in exasperation or frustration. They are my monkey loves. I love watching all of their antics, I wish I had been able to capture all of them over the years. I also can’t complain, for all of their monkey business, they are good boys and never pull unsuspecting adults into their shenanigans.

Just make sure that you are an unsuspecting adult or you’re toast.

Nah I jest, they can be lovely little gentlemen, see…

This is my favorite photo of my monkey loves…it speaks volumes about their personalities. May your smiles always be this full of  light my loves.

Hug your monkeys, knuckleheads, goofballs, pumpkins, punks, rascals every chance that you get today. They will be bigger monkeys all too soon, and little monkeys are easier to capture and hug on.

Tickled Red