Today is a rainy day…and I am so glad that it is.  All right now, don’t call me crazy! I know that most of you do not like rainy days. It’s not fun to get out and get wet. Not to mention  people honestly loose all of their driving knowledge, from drivers Ed to their many years of personal driving experience. It goes right out the window. So I really can understand your reasons, they are good ones.

Although I also have some really good reasons why you should try and like rainy days.  So first of all if you do not like to go out in them… don’t. It’s the perfect excuse to stay home. “Oh ewww honey it’s raining out, would you please  go to the store for me?” ( Hee, hee) Trust me they’re not dumb, but they loves us anyway for or little fibs. Now while your loving spouse is running your errands for you  go and turn of the tv/ radio, open the curtains, find a comfy chair/sofa by the window and get your favorite blanket. Can you see where I am going with this… yep that’s right, just  snuggle up and watch as well as listen to the rain.

Rain falling is in itself music. Rainfall is the soft, drumming,  soothing,  music of the days renewal. The rain washes, feeds, and revitalizes the nature around us; watching it and listening to it actually does the same for us internally. We are a part of nature, so from time to time we need to slow back down until we are on its rhythm. Uh, oh! Tickled Red has gone all existential on us…I can just hear you out there.

No not really, just living today by the old adage “Stop and smell the roses”, but someones roses just so happen to be my rainy day.

While you are all cozy and wrapped up in your blanket enjoying the quite; don’t forget the hot coco in hand of course (or your hot beverage of preference) give yourself the permission to day dream. You remember those places you used to go in your head as a kid? Not grown up day dreaming  of real possibilities that eventually lead to,” how can I find the time to actually do that or afford that” questions. Daydreams of mystical far of places only you could imagine. Places of calm. Maybe of places like this…

Don’t forget to make yourself a princess, or queen now that you are older and wiser. Also add in your knight for good measure and just plain fun. Come on now, you know picturing your significant other in period costume always makes you smile. It sure TICKLES me. Or if you’re more the Braveheart type, go for it, I have…

Ummmmm wait a minute that is SO not my knight, that’s not even Mel.

Oh there he is 🙂  Hi my darlin’.  Now wait just one minute, where is your period costume complete with kilt and sword? We need to talk about you messing with my daydream honey.

So on this or any other rainy day in the future, if you are not working and have a couple of hours to relax…please do. You will thank yourself later. Oh and don’t worry about the laundry or dishes or dinner. They will all be waiting patiently, they have no where else to go you see.

If you are really smart, you will grab that significant other of yours and snuggle up with him while the kids watch a movie, and discuss those daydreams you were having while he oh so sweetly went and ran your errands for you.

Then again, he might just yell out “Look the military channel”,  the monkeys come running, and all three of them are giggling like little maniacs. So just snuggle up with all of them anyway, they are just so comfy and lovable it’s worth an hour of tanks, planes, and veterans recounting missions. 🙂

Tickled Red