I am sure that you are wondering “What is up with the Tickled Red”? So I will try my very best to explain it to you.Β  First we will start with the obvious…

1. Tickled-implies laughter and joy, which I love. In my house we are always being silly and goofy. This insanity started with my parents. My dad was actually voted class clown, and my mother has a wicked sense of humor. Plus if your are petite in stature like me, you can vouch for me…short people are on the nutty side, we love grabbing your attention because then we know we have been seen and heard πŸ™‚ Not to mention what bully wants to pick on the funny kid in class, even though he is little. You know this is why the court jester was invented,right?Sure that’s it. So no being stuffed into a locker in our boys futures, they have their mothers genes.

2. Red-well I am a redhead. That was simple enough.

Well now kiddos all silliness aside. I truly believe that we have to find the positive in life in order get through the rough times, and those are usually the simple things in life that we take for granted or do not focus on enough during our busy days. I have recently been given enough time to focus on all of my simple pleasures. I was recently laid off from my job after 10 years. Now don’t worry, all of my crying has been done, it was needed and it helped. Life is also about balance you can’t laugh if you can’t cry. So back to why Tickled Red…since I now have the said time, I can focus on all of those things that I said I didn’t have time for, the all day cooking fest coming up with killer recepies, the mural on the wall that has been a blank white space for three years, lying on my back looking for hippos in the clouds with the two monkeys’, lunch with that girlfriend who no longer asks because you were always so busy, watching the ants build a mound in the yard, whatever TICKLES your fancy. So Tickled Red. I hope that as I learn how to do this blog, that you will come on the adventure with me of sharing all of those little pleasures in life that make it worthwhile.

Smile till it hurts πŸ™‚

Tickled Red