Just in case y’all were having a hard time with signing up for the new “Newsletter” over at Dot-Comville the other day here’s a short cut.


Love ya,

Tickled Red

Pack your bags we are moving our fun-filled shenanigans on over to a gorgeous new home in Dot-Comville. There’s a new kitchen with fab recipes coming real soon, a gym for the monkeys and of course a place for my baby and his stinky, yet oh so sexy wetsuits. I may even let him store a few surf boards somewhere.

Remember as with all moves you need to have your mail changed… just in case. I would hate to leave anyone behind inadvertently.

Hurry up…I miss you guys like crazy ūüôā



I’m still here y’all and my fingers are just a twitching to post something for you guys. Unfortunately we, including me, will have to be patient for just a little while longer. I need to figure out the new format and do some final tweaks over on the new platform. If I post anything with a bazillion photos on here I’ll be the roast turkey for Thanksgiving…seriously.

I will however tease you all just a smidgen. I tried something new in the kitchen this weekend. It has apples, cinnamon a secret ingredient and involves my favorite dessert. Can you guess what it might be? Keep your fingers crossed that everyone loves it. If so I will have it up this week in all its glory. YUM! Not to mention the water temperature here has dropped so you know what that means.

Oh yeah, that’s right! The wetsuit came out. He poured himself into it. I snapped photos. It truly is the simply things in life that bring me the most joy. A few yards of neoprene and I am good to go.

I hope that you all had a spectacular weekend. My weekend totally rocked!

Love ya,

Tickled Red

The boys and I have a favorite book. A book that challenges them and even myself to think outside of the box. To reach deep down into our imaginations in the hopes of creating something new and exciting.

It’s called

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg

If Chris Van Allsburg sounds familiar it’s because he has written such inventive stories as The Garden of Abdul Gasazi, Probuditi, Jumanji, The Polar Express and Zathura. Out of that list Jumanji¬†and The Polar Express both received Caldecott Medals. Needless to say the man’s talented.

The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is an intriguing book of 14 inspired drawings.¬† In the introduction is where the book takes a perplexing turn. Supplying you with a few small facts about¬†Harris Burdick’s identity¬†and the story behind how his drawings were published. As you browse through the pages you’re teased with only a title and a short sentence for each picture…that’s all, really.

You’re encouraged to run with the prompts and create your own fanciful story. Some well-known writers have also been inspired by these clever mysteries. Such as M2’s favorite drawing The House on Maple Street, that Stephen King penned into a short story found in Nightmares and Dreamscapes



It was a perfect lift-off.

The concept of this book has given me an idea for the kazillion random photos that I seem to have accumulated. I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out how best to share some of my favorites with you all.¬† So from time to time I’ll post a photo with a title and a sentence. Then you my creative, brilliant friends get to come up with anything that pops into your mind. Be it a¬† short story, paragraph, poem, haiku or even your own title. You name it, just be creative and surprise me. I only have one rule. Please keep it clean since the monkeys like to read the comments from time to time.

Seeing as how this is the first time we are giving this a try, you can choose between The House on Maple Street or my creation below.



He knew the possibilities.

Have fun. I can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!

Love ya,

Tickled Red

By the way Chris Van Allburg’s website has a fun interactive area for kids of various ages, as well as a place where they can submit their own stories drawn from the mysterious 14 pictures. My guys had a blast with it tonight and are on a mission to submit one of their own stories.

You all might’ve¬†been wondering why it has¬†been so quite here the past few days. Trust me it’s not for my lack of desire to get on here and ramble endlessly about my guys, surfing and scrumptious¬†recipes. Nope, but I¬†was told¬†that I talk too much. Well let me be honest, I wasn’t told that in¬†exactly those¬†words… not really. I have been¬†asked¬†to chill on my posting for a bit though.

You see I have a dear friend working on Tickled Red now. Part of what she’s doing is transferring all of my posts onto another platform where we will be able to stretch our wings a bit more. It’s like planing a 3 month trip around the world and having your girlfriend pack for you. Great for you but not so much for her. Evidently I’m a bigger jabber jaw than I realized, boy do I owe her big time.

Then again 4 days of letting the random minutia that runs through my head build up is making me twitchy man. So I’m busting out today with an idea for some fun we can have on here over the next few days. Hopefully it won’t take up too much space or cause my girl undo stress. You’ll have to wait for it though, work comes first. Meet you back here late tonight.


Tickled Red

Usually, as y’all know I’m a giant jabber-jaw. This time though I’ll let the photos tell the story of our Halloween fun in the sun. To be honest I’m so sore from being bent over double most of the day laughing, that trying to form a coherent thought is entirely out of the question. I have 2000 plus photos and a bit of color from running around capturing everyone’s shenanigans. At least my costume’s set for tomorrow. Do you think it’s too soon for Rudolph to make an appearance?

May your Halloween adventures bring you stitches in your side, wheezing lungs and deep laugh lines.


Love you guys,

Tickled Red

Shenanigans below but wait for it…wait for it.

Almost every Halloween I carve the pumpkin. It’s not because my darlin’ can’t wield a knife or has a phobia of squash or anything. It just happens to fall into what he calls the “Artsy” category. The way he thinks is Red + art(crafts)2 x cooking= Artsy Category. I’m cool with that, I have control issues so it works out well. Not to mention I have a tendency to go over the top. I adore the¬†painted and carved lantern pumpkins that¬†I found on Country Living’s website. I had planned on making a couple of those this year¬†but I love the pumpkins that my guys¬†carved¬†even better.¬†Also the memory of an afternoon full of laughter is one¬†that I will carry with me always.

This year my surfer took over and since he can’t draw he put the boys to work stretching their creative wings. I’m digging the sudo Elvis sideways growl and the mustache above the nose.

Where I would have been flinging pumpkin from the cabinets to the top of the¬†ceiling carving a pumpkin¬†in the kitchen¬†he, being the manly construction worker/coach that he is, set up a completely organized work station outside. Okay, but you’re missing all the fun of stepping in pulp darlin’.

Isn’t it simply amazing when you take a gander¬†at the insides of a pumpkin? I have¬†always marveled at how it must grow in order to get all of those strings of pulp.

My little man loves pumpkins the most. He names them, he pats them on the¬†ummm… head? And he loves to feel the different textures.

Then in the blink of an eye he¬†turns all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on me.¬†Arrgh…I’ve got his brain pan Bwhahahaha!”

Look at my baby up to his elbows digging around in the mushy¬†entrails¬†of a pumpkin. In his own mush filled¬†paradise. Of course his macabre¬†enthusiasm sucked in his big brother who enjoys a good lobotomy as much as the next guy but won’t get as down and dirty as his little brother.

“Whatcha¬†got there M2?”

“Look I’ve nabbed his liver!!”

“Let me see that! Wait, if I go in from the front I can pull out his nasal cavity. No more sinus problems for this guy.”

“Aww man…I wanted to do that. Oh cool intestines!! I’m going for the kidneys next, move over.”

Uh oh! I know that look Mr. blue eyes. You’re not fooling¬†anyone here so¬†what are you scheming bub? Watch out M2 he’s up to no good.

SPLAT! Yep knew it. It¬†only takes once to get things going with my guys. First it’s a big ole’ glob of pulp flung on¬†an arm.

Then it’s a shoulder all¬†smeared and splattered.

Next some little toes take a hit and try to curl back in on themselves…ew, ew, ew!

Then…it’s war.

Bwhahahaha…Oh yeah! That’s gotta feel slimy sliding down your neck little man {shiver…yuck!}.

Hey M2 your hair’s looking good today. It’s all silky and shiny, what are you using Aussie products or something new?

Oh my word! Go ahead and laugh it up fuzzball because you’re doing the laundry tonight M1. Remember those pumpkin¬†seeds I needed for Pam’s delicious salad? Now you all know what happened to them.

You know what y’all, I’ll take my guys homemade shenanigans¬†filled afternoon of¬†carving pumpkins over my perfectly carved coiffed¬†jack-o-laterns¬†any ole’ day of the week. I do believe that we now¬†have a new family tradition. I’m trying to decide if we should¬†call it the Pulp Bowl or Gut’s & Gorey. I’m already scheming up ideas of how¬†I am going to nail DS and the monkeys. There might be a pulp & seed launcher in the works…sssshhh, don’t say anything.

Just curious, what is your families jack-o-lantern tradition? Who does the pumpkin carving in your house and is it safe around them when they do?

Love ya,

Tickled Red